Snoring treatment (Peripheral obstructive sleep syndrome)

Snoring treatment

Snoring can deteriorate your sleep regime, deprive you of energy, and affect your relationships. While one of you cannot fall asleep due to loud noise, the other one suffers from irregular respiratory arrests (apneic pauses) and regular waking caused by difficult breathing. A simple surgical procedure is a suitable and permanent solution to your problem.

Our experts guarantee a truly effective and permanent solution to your snoring problem.

What is the cause of snoring

Snoring is often connected to obesity. Therefore, we recommend a consultation with our nutrition consultant to, if need be, adjust your regime. When you have reached the right weight, our ORL expert and a plastic surgeon shall inform you about a suitable method, surgery, and therapy plan.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Snoring treatment for peaceful sleep
  • No respiratory arrests and fitful sleep
  • Free nasal breathing you shall appreciate particularly while falling asleep


Před / Po

Before the procedure

A consultation with an ORL expert and a prospective examination in a sleep laboratory is essential before every procedure.

We also recommend consulting our nutrition consultant to implement suitable supplements promoting healing approximately one week before the procedure.

The procedure

Snoring can be treated during an easy procedure using a laser beam. Local anesthesia is administered into the soft palate using a fine needle. The procedure is approximately 30 minutes long and is performed on an empty stomach.

After the procedure

Local anesthesia may cause a certain discomfort while swallowing. However, this sensation fades away within 1-2 hours. For the short term, we recommend better hygiene of the oral cavity, and adjusted diet and fluid intake.

Important information

The result of this surgery is significantly increased intensity of snoring or its full removal. It is recommended to rest 5 days after the procedure and avoid physical strain during this period. námaze.

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  • Beautiful setting, very nice personnel, and a highly professional approach by doctor Filipovský. The result of my snoring treatment has been perfect. I can honestly recommend this clinic. I thank the whole team who has taken care of me since the first day. Karel M.

    Snoring treatment
    Snoring treatment MUDr. Tomáš Filipovský
  • Everyone in the clinic is very nice and also professionals. Julia P.

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