About us - Care as you don't know it

We are the first clinic in the Czech Republic based on the concept of comprehensive multidisciplinary care. Thanks to this, our services complement each other and form a whole that helps our customers not only maintain their natural beauty and aesthetic appearance, but above all their health and excellent condition.
If you purchase the procedure, the consultation is free of charge.

What we offer

  • Comprehensive preventive care, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery
  • The most effective procedures and methods to solve all problems
  • Collaboration and connectivity between specialists under one roo
  • VIP transport service, post-operative care
  • Coordinators in German, Russian and English throughout the treatment

Our basic principles

  • We take responsibility for our decisions and procedures
  • Each member of our team has sufficient skills and space for self-realization
  • We work with passion and enthusiasm
  • Discretion and an individual client approach
  • Quality assurance with the highest priority in all areas
  • Maximum safety for our customers
  • We meet the most stringent technical, organizational and personal requirements


  • In our clinic, we use the most modern instrumentation from the world's leading manufacturers.
  • We are the exclusive partner of DHI Global Medical Group for the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a unique method of direct hair transplantation.
  • We are a leader in the complexity of non-invasive facial and body care while achieving maximum effects. We use multifunctional protocols of the Beauty concept of Reneve Monaco.
  • We offer our clients the innovative Bair Hugger system of intraoperative warm air patient warming.


MUDr. David Hendrych
Plastic surgery MUDr. David Hendrych
MUDr. Andrea Mačejová
DHI Hair transplantation MUDr. Andrea Mačejová
MUDr. Zuzana Dančová
Head of dermatology department MUDr. Zuzana Dančová
All specialists

Our partners

Benefit Plus
Benefit Plus

The most used online benefits system in the Czech Republic. At ABClinic Art & Beauty, you can use the Benefit Plus card for any care.


A new generation of dynamic implants. Owing to patented technology, these implants allow you to copy movement like your own natural breasts. Motiva® implants are a choice of first-class quality, offering naturalness and safety.


“Beautiful décolleté without compromise” are MENTOR® breast implants. They meet the highest demands for quality and safety and were the first in the world to receive American FDA certification.


Threads and methods for lifting.

Advanced Medical Technologies
Advanced Medical Technologies

Top medical technology. Exclusive cooperation gives us access to the latest technologies and products.

V.I.P. Service Prague
V.I.P. Service Prague

Luxurious transport service takes care of the comfort and convenience of our clients during transport.

Architekt Pavel Rek
Architekt Pavel Rek

Author of the comfortable design environment of our clinic.