Do you want to suppress or enhance the appearance of your nose? Have you suffered an injury, or do you find it difficult to breathe? The nose is the dominant part of human face, so we approach rhinoplasty with care to preserve the harmony of your facial appearance while delivering the desired change. 

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Procedure type
Procedure type

Plastic surgery

Duration of the procedure
Duration of the procedure

60-120 minutes

Duration of recovery
Duration of recovery

4 weeks

Stay at the clinic
Stay at the clinic

1 day hospitalization

5539+ satisfied clients
5539+ satisfied clients

Bet on certainty. We've operated on thousands of satisfied clients.

Doctors with 20 years of experience
Doctors with 20 years of experience

We have many years of experience in plastic surgery. We always ensure the dream result.

Low-flow anaesthesia
Low-flow anaesthesia

We use safe and minimally stressful anaesthesia. Patients are transported directly to the recovery room after the procedure.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can partially or completely change the shape of the nose. We perform it on: 

  • the soft part (tip of the nose) 
  • the bony part 

While rhinoplasty is predominantly an aesthetic surgery, in case the client has breathing problems, rhinoplasty is combined with septoplasty – a corrective surgery of the deviated septum which causes breathing issues. Thus, aesthetic and functional issues are addressed during one intervention.

How is rhinoplasty performed?

Before the procedure 

  • First, you will meet with our plastic surgeon, who has decades of experience and who will explain to you in detail how rhinoplasty will change your face. 
  • If you have breathing difficulties, we can perform surgery of the nasal septum in conjunction with a rhinoplasty after consulting with an ENT specialist.   
  • Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia, so a pre-operative examination is necessary. 

During the procedure 

Rhinoplasty takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. If the procedure also includes septoplasty, the total operating time is extended by 30 minutes. 

Nose tip surgery takes approximately 30 minutes and can only be performed under local anesthesia. We change the shape of the tip of the nose, but we do not change the shape of the nose in profile. 


 After the procedure 

 One week after the surgery you can perform light office work. 

Words of our clients

Rhinoplasty MUDr. Otakar Lucák

Thank you Dr. Lucák for the beautiful result after rhinoplasty. It looks really great. I will be happy to contact the clinic again if I need to address any of the issues that have been bothering me. Zdeňka K.

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