Corrective care

During this effective rejuvenation method, special solutions containing large quantities of vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, and hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin. These agents promote the production of collagen and induce intensive cell regeneration. Sagging, aging skin is firmer, tighter, and minor wrinkles are smoothed out.

Mesotherapy is one of the most popular ways to keep a young and fresh appearance.

Who is a suitable candidate for this procedure

Mesotherapy may be used by both men and women who are worried about minor or medium wrinkles and sagging skin. The treatment is suitable for the face, neck, décolletage, arms, and back of the hands. The treatment affects a number of skin conditions, such as dry skin, pigment spots, enlarged pores, scars, or cellulite.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • A noticeable skin rejuvenation
  • Decelerated aging process
  • Smoothed medium wrinkles
  • Painless treatment
  • Immediate result


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Before the procedure

Mesotherapy does not require any special preparation. The initial consultation and the treatment are performed within one session. A physician assesses your condition and alternatively recommends a combination with other treatments.

The procedure

The treated area is carefully cleaned, and anesthetic lotion is subsequently applied. The injection of the mesotherapeutic solution is within several punctures into the middle layer of the skin, approximately into the depth of 4 mm.

After the procedure

It is possible to return to everyday activities immediately. We do not recommend using make-up and exercising on the day after the procedure. We also recommend protecting the skin from sunlight using a lotion with a high SPF.

Important information

The effect of mesotherapy is visible immediately. For a more noticeable result, we recommend repeating the treatment after a month and then after three months. It is possible to supplement mesotherapy with dermal filling, botulinum toxin administration, or other procedures.  Our physicians shall recommend the most suitable method for you.

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Words of our clients
  • I’ve always had wrinkles on my neck, and the skin on my chin started to loosen, so I decided to solve my problem. At ABClinic, doctor Krajcová offered a collagen treatment using the Nithya agent. The result is amazing, and improvement has been visible even after the first session. I have had three sessions, my neck and chin are firmer, and the neck is without wrinkles after the third and final session. Julie V.

    Plastic surgery
    Plastic surgery MUDr. Aneta Krajcová
  • Mesotherapy softened my skin beautifully and unified it in color. She is beautiful, soft and has such a fresh look. I always leave satisfied with the result. Lucie Š.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Petra Ester Hamáčková
  • I can only recommend! Dr. Hamáčková is a professional in his field and is very well versed in dermatology. She prescribed the right cosmetics for my acne. The best clinic in Prague! Diana M.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Petra Ester Hamáčková
  • Modern, clean and friendly environment! I recommend 100%! I underwent an extensive consultation with Dr. Hamáčková and subsequently underwent an injection method to revitalize the skin. The follow-up inspection was precise and careful. I am really happy to have found this clinic and its great professionals! Thank you! Sylvie T.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Petra Ester Hamáčková
  • It's worth it! It was the first time I had anything like this done on my face, so I was nervous. But when I arrived, I immediately felt that I was in good hands. In addition, the doctor told me that the procedure is almost painless and the result will be worth it. And really. I recommend to all. And I will definitely come again! Alexandra P.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Aneta Krajcová
  • I didn't like my upper lip, it was narrow. I always wanted fuller lips, but I didn't like injected duck lips. I had my lips injected twice in a short time, the size is now exactly what I imagined. Absolute satisfaction! Thank you. Karolina V.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Simona Herczová
  • Everyone in the clinic is very nice and also professionals. Julia P.

    ABClinic Art & Beauty
    ABClinic Art & Beauty Clinic
  • Dr. Herczová is a great professional. He is always friendly, explains everything and has a great attitude. I would absolutely recommend to everyone! Karolina S.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Simona Herczová

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