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Devices for skin diagnostics

More Me DBQ3-3 uses a patented technology of fluorescence and skin illumination, which allows revealing problems in deeper layers of the skin.

The technology of fluorescence and skin illumination helps to properly diagnose the skin condition under its surface.

What does device therapy offer

Skin problems in the deeper layers might be hardly identifiable to the naked eye. This skin detector based on cloud computing technology visualizes the most common skin problems using an artificial intelligence AI. Based on big data AI, the system can recommend cosmetic products and individually adjusted cosmetic solutions.

Intelligent analyzer More Me allows the assessment of a picture of the whole facial skin and visualizes its potential irregularities. The device is endowed with five light regimes and can switch between ten settings of skin analysis.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Fast diagnostics of skin problems
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Prevention of aging
  • Skin analysis


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Important information

More Me skin detector offers an improved experience of an aesthetic and skincare consultation.

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