HUBER 360® Evolution

Huber 360® Evolution

Non-invasive procedures

Using the HUBER 360® EVOLUTION device, we can improve most post-injury conditions and conditions following physiological changes caused by an inappropriate lifestyle. The treatment is ideal for targeted therapy after injuries of ankles, knees, shoulders, and back. The device has sensors integrated into the moving platform and both handles, enabling a comprehensive and entertaining rehabilitation exercise.

A natural and effective technique for health and fitness at every age.

What does device therapy offer

HUBER 360® EVOLUTION system brings a natural and effective technique for health and fitness at every age. This therapeutic device has integrated functional diagnostics with 7 reference tests and creates complete exercise results for each patient. It is endowed with 440 pre-set exercise records, 12 sport disciplines and guarantees regeneration of muscles after physical strain.

A patient’s training is divided into 4 basic movement regimes:

  • Targeted exercise to expand the range of motion
  • Exercise for joint mobilization
  • Safe and quick relaxation of painful areas
  • Exercise for dynamic strengthening and better movement coordination

Feedback on the monitor aids to perform the exercise properly, superficial muscles and deep core stabilizers are activated. Entertaining balance exercise helps patients to regain balance and assuredness while walking.

Dynamic exercises are adjusted according to the fitness of a patient and increase their stamina. BMI is decreased, and the condition of the cardiovascular system improves. The Huber system offers Neuro Physical Training, which is a unique training activating physical and mental functions at once. The exercise is effective, motivational, and entertaining.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Improves posture and stability
  • Effective figure shaping
  • Metabolism stimulation
  • Maximum fat burning owing to changing phases of strain and relaxation
  • Muscle mass formation


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Important information

The Huber system is an effective solution to figure shaping and fitness improvement swiftly.

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Words of our clients
  • I didn’t know what to expect at all when I went to this clinic for Acryos… My first impression was like “Wow, what a beautiful place”... Then the wonderful Adélka Voráčková awaited me, what a kind lady… and ACRYOS in the end. 5 therapies have been recommended to me… Now, I have been to 3, and I’m in awe. Even if I do sports, I had to rest for the last 14 days - and I have lost 8 kilograms so far… Water retained after the procedure is gone… and much is to be seen while comparing pictures shared with my consent on ABClinic’s website. I definitely recommend this clinic! Johana R.

    Treatment devices Adel Voráčková, DiS., specialist for non-invasive treatment devices
  • I started to visit Adel 15 months ago. I originally came to the clinic regarding Acryos by Reneve. I lost almost 30 kilograms several years ago, and there’s excess skin on my belly. I don’t want a radical surgical solution, so we intensively tried Acryos for my belly for 5 weeks once a week. Yes, it was time-consuming, but you happily make the time once you see the outcomes. I began to be interested in facial treatments while solving my belly. I don’t suffer from any particular problems, but like every 45+ woman, I have wrinkles and other issues on the lower part of the face and neck. I started regular treatments once in 4-6 weeks. I always opted for both belly and face. We managed to smooth out the skin of my belly (while I have been exercising intensively) while my face is smooth and hydrated. I still get treatment for my face adding belly before summer. Adel always chooses the most suitable treatment according to my skin condition. I completely trust her, I just make an appointment, and she makes the choice. I consult Adel while choosing my cosmetic products, and we exchange experiences and knowledge. She has a great awareness of high-quality cosmetic products on the market, and she always surprises me with something new. I also tried Reneve facial and body cosmetic products, and I have been satisfied with them. I recommend Adel and Reneve to everyone! Must be tried! Mirka N.

    Treatment devices Adel Voráčková, DiS., specialist for non-invasive treatment devices
  • In this manner, I would like to thank the specialist Adel Voráčková for a well-done job during a noninvasive procedure. I am a mother of 4 children, and the skin on my belly has been marked by pregnancies. The outcome of several procedures exceeds my expectations. Other clinics told me: “there is no other than a surgical way,” but there IS another way! The transformation of my belly is unbelievable. The procedure is painless and a pleasant experience while Adel Voráčková is present. She is such a nice, warm, empathetic person. I can do nothing but wholeheartedly recommend her. The whole clinic is very elegant, and I have experienced only a positive attitude. Jana L.

    Treatment devices Adel Voráčková, DiS., specialist for non-invasive treatment devices
  • I really enjoyed the Oxyage procedure. There is nothing to be afraid of... The therapist explains the steps during the treatment, so you know exactly what is going on with your body, and there is nothing for you to do but relax 💕 I saw differences immediately after the treatment and I definitely recommend Oxyage to anyone who wants to end their fight with cellulite for good. Julie B.

    Treatment devices
    Treatment devices Adel Voráčková, DiS., non-invasive Reneve Monaco procedures specialist
  • Everyone in the clinic is very nice and also professionals. Julia P.

    ABClinic Art & Beauty
    ABClinic Art & Beauty Clinic

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