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Non-invasive or minimally invasive devices form the cornerstone of plastic and aesthetic dermatology today. These treatments allow us to achieve excellent results in rejuvenating the skin, smoothing out wrinkles, body shaping, removing skin growths and tattoos, lightening pigmentation, treating acne and handling many other problems quickly, effectively and without long recovery times.


Our clinic has the latest medical equipment from global manufacturers with a long history.
These devices offer a number of innovative functions, including ablative and non-ablative lasers, radiofrequency, intense pulsed light and fractional plasma.
These unique devices allow our specialists to work comfortably and with absolute precision to give our clients excellent, long-lasting results.

Ultracel Q + HIFU

This is a revolutionary, non-invasive high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) that serves two basic purposes: to tighten and rejuvenate the skin on the face and body, and to improve the contours of problem areas. Concentrated energy sent into the tissue stimulates collagen production, leading to firmer skin. This device is unique for its high speed and precise focus on specific tissue, reaching greater depths than lasers used in dermatology. It is ideal for smoothing out wrinkles, removing circles from under the eyes, and lifting sagging eyebrows or loose skin in the eyelids. It can also be used to treat problem areas like the belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, sagging skin on the arms, or double chin. It is an ideal method for creating firmer contours on the body.
Ultracel therapy takes about an hour, is painless and offers natural, long-lasting results.

Cellec V system

The Cellec V system uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to treat a number of skin problems with high efficiency. The system has nine filters for various problems and types of skin, allowing great precision in targeting without damaging surrounding tissue. Cellec V therapy can significantly rejuvenate sagging, aging skin, remove hair, or treat acne, pigmented marks, or vascular lesions. The procedure is painless and has no recovery time.
AcGen is a unique, innovative device designed to treat acne. It works based on radiofrequency. With its needle tip and grid tip, the device disrupts sebaceous gland function without burning the surrounding area. Clinically proven to be effective, AcGen is the newest method that does not require pharmacological intervention.
TRI-Beam is a highly modern and precise Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser with a wide range of uses. This is one of the most effective devices for tattoo removal and is also used for radical skin rejuvenation, pigment and vascular lesion removal, hair removal, facial peeling and treating a number of other problems. Switching between a concentrated beam and fractional beam allows this device to offer highly effective, gentle treatments with excellent results.
A precise, high-performance CO2 laser that gives off extremely intensive energy in a short period. This means no tissue damage to the surrounding area, minimizing the pain from the procedure and the risk of scarring afterwards. The accuracy of this device means it can be used on lesions under 1 mm. Surgical and fractional settings allow a wide range of uses, such as rejuvenating the skin, smoothing out wrinkles, removing pigment lesions or skin growths, and more. In addition to dermatology, this laser is also used in aesthetic surgery for procedures such as laser-assisted lower lid blepharoplasty and in aesthetic gynecology for vaginal rejuvenation and other procedures. It is particularly popular for its fast, painless application.


This device works based on fractional plasma, stimulating collagen and elastin production as well as cell metabolism. PLASMATEC thus has a wide range of uses in aesthetic dermatology, especially in the eyelids and eye area, scars, stretch marks, lightening pigment marks, unifying skin tone, treating wrinkles, lip contours, sebaceous cysts, warts, xantelasma, keloids, fibromas and more. This therapy is painless.
Revitex is a highly effective HIFU system with exclusive technology combining the energy of microfocused ultrasound with the effects of radiofrequency, resulting in exceptional treatment results. The beam acts thermally, causing the collagen fibers to contract immediately and triggering new collagen formation in the months following the treatment. The device can reach varying depths, from 1.5 to 4.5 mm for the face and from 8 to 13 mm for the body. It activates natural mechanisms in the cells responsible for tissue regeneration and stimulates fat-dissolving processes. Revitex is used to treat loose skin and alleviate signs of aging as well as removing and shrinking unwanted fat deposits. This therapy naturally leads to firmer contours in the face, neck and décolletage, shrinks double chins and improves skin elasticity. The results appear gradually, improving over the course of several months and peaking at four to six months after the treatment cycle ends. Results last for at least a year after that.
Acryos is a system for innovative and effective treatment of cellulitis and fat deposits. Acryos “Slim Thermal Shock” was developed based on scientific observations regarding the composition of fat tissue. It combines various therapeutic mechanisms to achieve a visible reduction in fat tissue and cellulitis after the first few sessions. The system alternates a phase of cryolipolysis and a phase of hyperthermia, associated with electroporating and excitomotor currents, laser therapy, infrared rays and photo-biostimulation. Cryolipolysis triggers the transdifferentiation of the fat cells while hyperthermia causes an acceleration of the cellular metabolism, promoting a reduction in localized fat. The high-frequency pulsed electroporating currents enable active principles to penetrate deep into the extracellular compartment. Applied during the hyperthermia phase, they stimulate muscle fibers, intensify blood circulation, tone tissues and release fat cells. Low-level laser therapy triggers the release of intracellular triglycerides which are then metabolized. Infrared rays stimulate cell metabolism, counteracting water retention. Acryos can treat large areas of the body in two different zones at the same time. The device comes with a handpiece designed for specific therapies on the face as well as a handpiece for the body.


LIPOTOUCH is an exceptional device that generates low-frequency ultrasound. Thanks to a physical phenomenon known as cavitation, it causes the gradual breakdown of fat cells with a subsequent reduction in fat tissue without compromising the surrounding tissue. The breakdown of fat cells caused by this device results in triglycerides leaking into the intercellular space, which can then be eliminated by the excretory organs. It is therefore essential that treatment with Lipotouch is combined with lymphatic drainage massage. This method offers a number of medical and aesthetic effects: it dissolves fat, shapes the figure, oxygenates and revascularizes the skin, drains excess fluids in the tissue, promotes peripheral circulation, and improves tissue elasticity and tone. Lipotouch is used to treat cellulitis, remove fat deposits, smooth out post-liposuction imperfections, shape the body and eliminate lipomas. Therapy can be applied to the belly, hips, thighs, inside of the knees, and more. This method is non-invasive, painless, and requires no recovery period.


OXYAGE oxygenates the skin and infuses it with new energy. Four technologies work together: an oxyporation system, mesoporation, mesomassage, and cryoporation. The oxyporation system offers anti-aging and revitalizing effects, penetrating deep into the tissues and activating the cell revitalization process by perfusing the skin with pure oxygen, leaving the skin looking luminous, rejuvenated and healthy. The next step, mesoporation, is a painless, non-invasive and highly effective cosmetic alternative to mesotherapy. Mesoporation is a revolution in the application of “mesocosmetics”, a new way of achieving deep penetration of active principles in a fast, non-invasive, safe and effective manner. It is used for facial and body treatments. Active principles are delivered directly to the extracellular compartment. Mesomassage is an “electro-conductive massage system” that improves the results of body massage thanks to bioelectric impulses transmitted using special, highly conductive gloves. The treatment is applied with gentle, rhythmic and precise manipulations. The type of current used is completely safe and harmless to the body and the treatments produce a pleasant feeling of wellbeing. It makes the therapist’s job easier, increasing the effectiveness of the massage and reducing treatment times. "Mesostimulation waves" can be used to treat most imperfections caused by skin tiredness and aging. They improve skin elasticity, giving it an immediate fresh, smooth and luminous appearance. The cryo-electrophoresis is an innovative technique that involves using a special handpiece and microcurrents to carry the active principle for frozen cryocosmetics deep into the skin. These microcurrents increase skin permeability and facilitate delivery of the active principles. This extraordinary technology combines “cryoporation” with special cryocosmetics to shape the hips, buttocks, belly and redefine the contours of the face and body.


Revigen is a unique new device from Reneve designed to rejuvenate the external genitalia and vagina. Therapy is extremely effective and fast. It improves cell metabolism and promotes membrane regeneration. Revigen therapy is painless and requires no recovery time. This device was premiered at IMCAS 2020 in Paris.


This is the latest generation Cellu M6®, a professional device that works based on endermologie, an innovative flap and roller technology that, combined with a suction system, stimulates and activates the tissue at all levels. This can significantly increase the effectiveness of the therapy. The device can target specific needs of each client’s skin, eliminating large amounts of stubborn fat stores, slimming the waist, firming the skin and eliminating cellulitis. Therapy is non-invasive, non-painful and allows clients to return to normal immediately. Results are visible after just three sessions.


The HUBER 360® EVOLUTION system offers natural and effective solutions for remaining fit and healthy at any age. This therapeutic device has an integrated diagnostic function with seven reference tests and prepares a report with the full exercise results for each patient. With 440 pre-defined exercise protocols and a choice of 12 sports disciplines, this system helps regenerate muscle. Most patients can improve their condition using the HUBER 360® EVOLUTION system after accidents and physiological changes caused by an unsuitable lifestyle. It is ideal for targeted treatment after injuries to the ankle, knee, hip, shoulders and back. The device has force sensors built into the platform and handles for comprehensive but enjoyable rehabilitation exercises.
Dynamic exercises are adapted to the physical condition of each client to improve their endurance, lower their BMI and improve cardiovascular health. The system also offers Neuro Physical Training to activate physical and cognitive functions simultaneously. Exercising on this machine is effective, motivating and entertaining. The machine also offers a new athletic experience to help shape the figure naturally, effectively and quickly. Alternating exertion and rest phases, exercising on this machine very quickly boosts the metabolism, burns fat and creates muscle mass. It is an excellent way to shape the figure and improve physical fitness in record time.


IRSKIN is a unique video dermatoscope designed for high-resolution skin diagnostics. The clinical images of the body acquired by the wireless camera are automatically stored in the patient’s folder and can be used as a realistic body map for the patient. IRSKIN uses a PC of the latest generation and a double Barco medical monitor with 1900×1200 resolution, 10 megapixels and six levels of zoom from 8x to 100x. It also has a wireless camera for full body scans and automatically generates three different medical reports in pdf format. The body map is a simple, intuitive and organized tool for inserting images. Every dermoscopic image can be placed in a predefined figure of the client or on a clinical photograph of the patient taken using a Total Body Camera. If more than one dermoscopic image exists of the same nevus at the same point on the map, the lesion can be tracked especially closely. This powerful technology allows us to discover even tiny details that might be vital in the diagnostic process. Because the presence of hair often makes it more complicated to perform dermoscopic diagnostics of skin lesions, IRSKIN features a Razor function that attempts an algorithmic removal of the hair. IRSKIN provides clients with fast and highly reliable diagnostics of skin changes.
Soft Plus is a unique, completely standalone skin, cellulite and scalp assessment system that provides an objective, highly precise scientific analysis that allows specialists to propose the most effective solution to the problem. Several types of probes and an integrated camera allow the system to provide a digital and visual analysis. This gives the client a detailed report on the analyzed area and recommendations based on the data acquired. The Soft Plus system can determine skin hydration, elasticity, sebum volume and pH. It also assesses pigmentation distribution, melanin levels, biological age of the skin, phototype and temperature. The client receives information on how sensitive their skin is and how well it can tolerate UV radiation and various laser treatments. The system works on different parts of the body, with programs for analyzing scalp or hand skin. Other popular programs include those analyzing cellulite and water retention. Every specialist knows that the key to successful treatment and care is knowing as much as possible about the problem. That is why Soft Plus is so popular with top specialists around the world.
MoreMe DBQ3-3 uses patented skin fluorescence and lighting technology, revealing skin problems in all three dermal layers which are difficult to identify by the naked eyes. Based on a cloud computing technology, this skin detector visualizes the most common skin problems using AI. Based on AI big data the system automatically recommends skin care products and personalized cosmetic solutions. The DJM DBQ3-3 Smart Analyzer analyzes an image of skin on the whole face and provides a visualization of any irregularities. The device is equipped with five different light modes and 10 skin analysis settings.


Crisalix offers 3D modeling of the results of an aesthetic operation. This lets clients see how they would actually look after the operation, which can be incredibly helpful in making decisions on aesthetic procedures. It can show possible results for breast lift or other aesthetic modifications to the body and face. With this system every client can see whether the results would look natural on their body or how they would look if they decided to have an aesthetic procedure in order to look more like a certain celebrity. All it takes is three photographs of the face, breasts or body from a mobile phone or camera for uploading to Crisalix. The visualization allows clients to get feedback from friends or family as well before having the procedure. The system can simulate a 3D image for all types of treatments, such as nose job, face lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, cheekbone implants, augmentation of the lips, chin or jaw, tightening the skin of the face, breast augmentation, reduction or lift, breast asymmetry correction, tummy tuck, scar removal, buttocks modification, body contouring and more.


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