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Genital rejuvenation helps lift women’s self-confidence after childbirth, menopause, or hysterectomy, ease problems with incontinence, and improve their sex life. Genital rejuvenation includes several different methods, in particular laser and radiofrequency treatment, lipofilling, and other proven methods such as vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, and lipofilling of the labia and mons pubis.

We place great importance on maintaining full sensitivity in the area.

Who is a suitable candidate for this procedure

The procedure is suitable for women who suffer from vaginal wall loosening or external genitalia loosening. Women are worried about the appearance of pigmentation of the external genitalia, dysfunction (which is a cause for stress incontinence), vaginal atrophy, or insufficient moistening in the vaginal area. These conditions are affected by childbirth, menopause, or aging. The treatment may help women with their incontinence or those whose labia minora exceed the labia majora.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Comprehensive genital rejuvenation
  • Helps resolve problems with incontinence
  • Significantly improves sexual experience for both partners
  • The vagina gains its former shape and functionality
  • Firmer pelvic floor muscles
  • Prevention of inflammations, itching, infection


Před / Po

Rejuvenation using laser

Laser warms tissues up, promoting the production of collagen. Owing to this process, the tissues tighten and become firmer. For genital rejuvenation, we use machines from Jeisys company called Edge One that perform precise treatment within a short timeframe. Therefore, the procedure is fast, effective, and does not damage the surrounding area. The procedure is painless. It is possible to return to everyday activities immediately after the treatment. It is apt to repeat the procedure several times for an optimal result.

Rejuvenation using radio frequencies

The use of radio frequencies for genital rejuvenation is a unique method. Affected by the energy of radio frequencies, collagen, and elastin production is initiated. We use a novelty for this treatment – the Revigen device. Owing to this machine, we may perform a complete rejuvenation of the external genitalia and vagina. The treatment is painless, approximately thirty minutes long. There is no need for a long recovery period afterward. As the result of restored elastic threads and improved cell metabolism, treated tissues are firmer, tightened, and help to make the pigmentation lighter. A physician may suggest the repetition of the procedure for a perfect result.

Surgeries of the genitalia (vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, labiaplasty)

In some cases, a physician may recommend surgical treatment of the external genitalia or vagina. Mostly, we perform vaginoplasty, let it be front or back vaginoplasty, and the treatment may be combined with perineum alteration, the so-called perineoplasty.

We may also use a surgical solution with issues concerning labia. This surgery is sought by women whose labia minora exceed their labia majora, which creates aesthetic and functional problems. Eventually, atrophy of labia or excess sagging skin may appear, too. Both procedures are performed under general anesthesia and require one day of inpatient stay. The healing period is approximately two weeks long. It is essential to avoid demanding physical activities during this period.

Lipofilling of the labia and vulva

Lipofilling is a time-proven method used to fill volume into tissues. Within aesthetic gynecology, it is used mainly to fill the volume of atrophied labia or to tighten the vulva. The procedure is performed using the patient’s own fat. A physician removes fat from the belly or other parts of the body using the liposuction technique, and after the fat is processed, it is applied into desired areas.

Important information

A physician recommends a suitable procedure at a personal consultation. We do not recommend undergoing genital rejuvenation during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth.

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