Spermatocele removal

Plastic surgery

Spermatocele is a cystic structure filled with fluid coming out from the epididymis. Spermatocele might lead to an increased volume of the scrotum, its asymmetry, and it can be the cause of pain in the scrotum in some cases. Spermatocele or hydrocele removal is one of the most common procedures of plastic urology.

Spermatocele occurs in men of every age. Its size is usually up to 10mm but may be much larger. The cause of the origin is not clear, but it is assumed it results from enlarged tubules followed by fluids retention.

Our plastic surgeons have abundant knowledge about effective solutions in intimate areas.

Who is a suitable candidate for this procedure

Spermatocele occurs at every age. In case it is uncomfortable (pain, pressure, size), this procedure is recommended.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Removal of pain and discomfort
  • Solution of an aesthetic issue
  • Improved sexual life


Před / Po

Before the procedure

A consultation with a physician is essential prior to every surgery. If any protuberance in the scrotal area is palpable, it is necessary to contact a plastic urologist.

The procedure

The procedure is performed in general anesthesia. The time of the procedure is thirty to forty-five minutes.

The procedure is performed through a small incision on the affected side of the scrotum. The surgeon reaches the epididymis and removes the spermatocele. Then the testicle is inserted back into the scrotal cavity, and the wound is sutured in layers. The skin is sutured with single absorbable stitches. The scar is minimally visible after it is fully healed.

After the procedure

It is recommended to avoid physical strain and sports activities for two weeks.

Important information

The surgery is not necessary if the spermatocele does not cause pain or discomfort.

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