Diagnostika pleti, komplexní analýza kůže

Skin diagnostics and complete skin analysis

Corrective care

We are endowed with modern diagnostic devices that are used only by our clinic in the Czech Republic.

For all diagnostics, we use the most modern devices for the treatment of dermatologic, aesthetic, or health issues.

Discover the other side of your skin! The healthy and beautiful one.

Each skin is individual, and it always needs the care and cosmetic products suitable for its skin type. All birthmarks, melanin levels, and pigment spots should be analyzed to achieve healthy skin.

Natural aging of the skin is visible equally in each person. However, proper skincare is up to each person. Anti-aging methods might postpone the aging process.

One of the important diagnostics is the analysis of hair and scalp. It is the only way to discover if you suffer from dermatologic problems or alopecia (excessive hair loss). Successful treatment begins with the right diagnostics. DHI has created a system of diagnostics of alopecia. It consists of dermatological examinations determining the type of alopecia and the circumstances to be minded during the treatment. A subsequent alopecia test shall assess the size of the issue and the amount of hair suitable for transplantation. DNA analysis shall determine the appropriate pharmacological therapy.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Analysis of birthmarks may save your life
  • Skin diagnostics provide the right care for a healthy and beautiful appearance
  • Trichological examination may help with hair loss or scalp issues


Před / Po

Před ošetřením

Lékař na konzultaci posoudí, zda je pro vás ošetření blefaroplasma vhodné, nebo je nutná invazivnější metoda blefaroplastika.

Průběh ošetření

V závislosti na potřebách pokožky lékař dodává do pokožky v různých úrovních a režimech plazmovou energii, aniž by se dotýkal kůže. Provádí se s lokální anestezií, procedura trvá asi 30 minut.

Po ošetření

Po zákroku může dojít k zarudnutí, svědění kůže, nebo otokům. Všechny tyto reakce jsou dočasné a vymizí po několika hodinách či dnech. Vždy je nutné pečovat o pokožku dle doporučení ošetřujícího lékaře.

Important information

A dermatologist shall recommend the specific procedure. Do not hesitate to make an appointment in time.

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Words of our clients
  • I’ve always had wrinkles on my neck, and the skin on my chin started to loosen, so I decided to solve my problem. At ABClinic, doctor Krajcová offered a collagen treatment using the Nithya agent. The result is amazing, and improvement has been visible even after the first session. I have had three sessions, my neck and chin are firmer, and the neck is without wrinkles after the third and final session. Julie V.

    Plastic surgery
    Plastic surgery MUDr. Aneta Krajcová
  • Mesotherapy softened my skin beautifully and unified it in color. She is beautiful, soft and has such a fresh look. I always leave satisfied with the result. Lucie Š.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Petra Ester Hamáčková
  • I can only recommend! Dr. Hamáčková is a professional in his field and is very well versed in dermatology. She prescribed the right cosmetics for my acne. The best clinic in Prague! Diana M.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Petra Ester Hamáčková
  • Modern, clean and friendly environment! I recommend 100%! I underwent an extensive consultation with Dr. Hamáčková and subsequently underwent an injection method to revitalize the skin. The follow-up inspection was precise and careful. I am really happy to have found this clinic and its great professionals! Thank you! Sylvie T.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Petra Ester Hamáčková
  • It's worth it! It was the first time I had anything like this done on my face, so I was nervous. But when I arrived, I immediately felt that I was in good hands. In addition, the doctor told me that the procedure is almost painless and the result will be worth it. And really. I recommend to all. And I will definitely come again! Alexandra P.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Aneta Krajcová
  • I didn't like my upper lip, it was narrow. I always wanted fuller lips, but I didn't like injected duck lips. I had my lips injected twice in a short time, the size is now exactly what I imagined. Absolute satisfaction! Thank you. Karolina V.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Simona Herczová
  • Everyone in the clinic is very nice and also professionals. Julia P.

    ABClinic Art & Beauty
    ABClinic Art & Beauty Clinic
  • Dr. Herczová is a great professional. He is always friendly, explains everything and has a great attitude. I would absolutely recommend to everyone! Karolina S.

    Corrective care
    Corrective care MUDr. Simona Herczová

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