Rekondiční péče

Remedial care

Aesthetic medicine

Diagnostic and treatment for movement disorders, and their prevention.

Our clinic includes high-quality individual remedial care. We know that a beautiful body must be a healthy body first, as an invasive procedure or device treatment are not enough sometimes to achieve the needed aesthetic effect.

What is a remedial care

Remedial care focuses on diagnostic and treatment for movement disorders and their prevention. It is a multifield branch using knowledge of developmental kinesiology, neurology, myofascial medicine, orthopedics, manual medicine, and other fields. A successful improvement of a given problem requires a comprehensive approach with active attendance of the client.

Who shall take care of you

Remedial care is provided by highly qualified experts who use modern knowledge of their fields and offer a highly individual approach.

What problems do we treat

  • Correction of muscular imbalance
  • Bad body posture
  • The pain of the movement system (the head, cervical spine, lumbar spine, hips, knees, etc.)
  • Slipped discs
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Issues requiring myofascial treatment
  • Bad movement stereotypes
  • Remedial exercises for women before and after childbirth (pelvic floor, diastasis)


Před / Po

Před operací

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Průběh operace

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Po operaci

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Important information

Remedial care offers to set individual programs for each client, improvement of movement habits, and the whole movement system.

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