Zvětšení penisu s kyselinou hyaluronovou

Penis enlargement (widening) using Hyaluronic acid fillers

Plastic surgery

A very popular mini-invasive method for penis enlargement is an alternative to surgery.

Penis enlargement using fillers

According to a survey, many men are dissatisfied with the size of their penis. Penis augmentation using hyaluronic acid fillers has become popular, along with surgical lengthening or enlargement using the patient’s own fat. The special filling material is inserted into hypodermis under local anesthesia, and the patient may go home without the need for inpatient care.

Our team offers a discreet and gentle attitude towards issues in men’s intimate areas.


  • Longer-lasting effect than in case of enlargement using patient’s own fat
  • Simple and safe procedure
  • Local anesthesia
  • Immediate outcome


Před / Po

Před ošetřením


Průběh ošetření


Po ošetření


Important information

A consultation with a physician, who recommends the precise technique, is necessary before every procedure. A week of rest is essential before you start to engage in everyday activities. The durability of this procedure is up to two years.

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Words of our clients
  • Wonderful clinic. Dr. Krajcová is like a dream, I couldn’t wish for a better physician. All the colleagues are very kind. I felt great every time, and I had very good care. If I ever think of plastic surgery again, I will definitely go to this clinic. I give my thanks to the whole team; you’ve done an amazing job. Sergio W.

    Plastic surgery
    Plastic surgery MUDr. Aneta Krajcová
  • Dr. Šatánková is amazing! I would like to thank the personnel and the whole clinic. I'm very satisfied as I’ve made my dream come true. Thank you, ABClinic Art & Beauty. Sofia P.

    Plastic surgery
    Plastic surgery MUDr. Věra Šatánková
  • Everyone in the clinic is very nice and also professionals. Julia P.

    ABClinic Art & Beauty
    ABClinic Art & Beauty Clinic
  • What an extraordinary physician! I encountered her by chance; fortunately. Dr. Krajcová is not only very empathetic but also a very nice and warm person. I felt great during a personal consultation already, and this feeling has remained. The procedure went well, and I can only recommend Dr. Krajcová! Vanesa P.

    Plastic surgery
    Plastic surgery MUDr. Aneta Krajcová

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