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Nutrition counseling

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Nutrition counseling focuses on a permanent solution to problems concerning weight, promotion of general health, energy, vitality, and maintaining fitness up to a high age.

Nutrition counseling at our clinic is provided by highly erudite experts with abundant knowledge and long-term results of their work.

Why is healthy diet so important

Nutrition counseling focuses on problems concerning weight and weight gains, promotes your general health, energy, and vitality. At our clinic, we focus on applying several medical approaches to achieve optimal weight and metabolic balance, including a proper diet.

Based on our laboratory tests results and information on your condition, we create a diet plan individually for you, so the food composition corresponds to your natural needs. It is the only way to reach metabolic and hormonal balance. Your new diet plan will lead you to reduced weight and a feeling of mental satisfaction.

Our erudite nutrition counselors offer expert supervision, mental support, and the opportunity for open consultation to consult any problem for the whole time of the treatment.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Correct diet plan suitable just for you
  • Prevention of weight gain
  • Healthy lifestyle


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Important information

Diet plans considering nutrition and calories shall improve your eating, help to keep a slimmer figure, and increase confidence.

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