Infusion therapy with vitamin C

Corrective care

Při jakékoliv zvýšené psychické nebo fyzické zátěži, stresu, nemoci nebo chronických zánětech dochází ke značné spotřebě vitaminu C.

Infuzně / nitrožilně lze tuto spotřebu efektivně navýšit.

Energy and immunity boost

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant with proven positive effects on our health and immune system. The human body is not able to produce vitamin C itself and even though it is contained in our diet (mainly fruits and vegetables), this source of vitamin C is not sufficient.

Vitamin C is considerably used during any physical or mental strain, stress, disease, or chronic inflammations. The levels of vitamin C can be effectively increased using infusion/intravenous administration.

Who is a suitable candidate for this procedure

Vitamin C protects healthy cells and has a preventive effect. Therefore, the infusion is suitable for everyone who has a higher usage of vitamin C, suffers from tiredness, repeated infectious diseases (such as the flu or pneumonitis), diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, joint pain, etc.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Disease prevention
  • Positive effect on the body
  • Immunity boost
  • An effective concentration of vitamin C
  • Easy administration
  • Positive effect during infections and other diseases
  • Tiredness prevention
  • Suitable during stress or physical strain


Před / Po

The procedure

A cannula with vitamin C infusion is inserted into a vein. The treatment is approximately 30 minutes long. We recommend repeating this treatment 2-3 times per week 14 days apart in case of a disease or increased physical and mental strain.

After the procedure

A proper fluid intake (approximately 2 l of fluids per 24 hours) is recommended after the procedure.

Important information

Due to a decreased concentration, few health benefits are ensured after an oral administration of vitamin C. A higher concentration of vitamin C has a preventive and therapeutic effect, promoting the proper functioning of the immune and cardiovascular systems. This effect can be achieved only using intravenous administration.

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