Diagnostika vypadávání vlasů

Hair loss diagnostics

DHI Hair transplantation

The first step toward an effective hair loss therapy is thorough, in-depth diagnostics creating a solid basis of a successful and long-lasting hair loss treatment.

A proper diagnostic plays a key role in successful and long-lasting therapy. Therefore, We offer the most advanced diagnostic system for hair loss.

Diagnostics of alopecia

Hair loss happens in several stages and of many causes, such as nutrition, psyche, genetics, vitamin deficiency, blood coagulation problems, or environmental impact. Diagnostics of alopecia studies all these factors to define individual treatment for each patient.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Precise diagnostics of causes of hair loss
  • Simple non-invasive method
  • Preventive measures

Diagnostics of alopecia take place within 4 steps

Dermatological and medical assessment
The scalp is subjected to a comprehensive dermatological examination to study and assess the patient’s anamnesis. We determine the type of alopecia and discover any dermopathies or other skin conditions that could complicate the transplantation.

Test for alopecia
We perform a trichological analysis using modern diagnostic technologies in the area of hair loss. We measure the hair density, hair type, and stage of hair loss based on the Norwood scale.

Test for hair protein
Habits and environment directly affect the overall health of the body and hair. This test assesses the effect of the factors mentioned above and poses a clue for a suitable treatment.

Stress analysis
Stress might be one of the causes of alopecia. Therefore, every patient undergoes basic psychological testing to take account of prospective depression and anxiety treatment. This testing has been developed in cooperation with a team of psychologists from a university in Athens.

Important information

A detailed anamnesis is always included in the diagnostics. Trichological examination is suitable for clients who are not satisfied with the state of their hair.

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Words of our clients
  • I’m 36 years old, and I was suffering from hair loss in the area of hairline corners since I was 20. Even though I had been successful in hiding bare corners using the right haircut and longer hair, it wasn’t sustainable anymore. I was most interested in the DHI method brought into ABClinic in Prague at the beginning of 2021. I decided not to risk anything by traveling abroad as the outcome of this procedure is dependable on the first days after surgery, and I didn’t feel like traveling after the procedure. I mostly appreciate the range and quality of information given before the procedure and during the following months. I underwent the procedure in April 2021, abode by doctor Mačejová’s advice, and kept the recommended regime for the first days. The first outcome was visible soon, but then came the expected loss of the new hair. This period lasted until the fourth month. A big change occurred between the fourth and fifth months. My hair started to grow in the corners again, and each new day brought new and new joy. After nine months, I can say that the outcome has exceeded my expectations; and I can look forward to improving until one year after the procedure! The density is now that of normal hair, the hairline is natural, and no signs of the procedure can be seen. I’m now free to choose whatever haircut I want, which is an incredible feeling. Michal J.

    DHI Hair transplantation MUDr. Andrea Mačejová
  • I underwent eyebrow transplantation using the DHI Global Medical Group method on Wednesday, September 29. It was painless, well anesthetized, and all was done in a short time. Only a small stripe of hair on my head was shaved so it didn’t hurt at all the first night, and hair loss has been minimal. Transplanted hairs are precisely in places agreed on with the doctor, and the shape of the eyebrows is perfect! Everything is healed after three days, and new eyebrows grow a bit. No swelling, no bruises, so it is possible to do normal activities the next day. It is even possible to wash the hair in the morning. I’m very satisfied and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to solve slowly growing eyebrows, who doesn’t want to complete their eyebrows with make-up or undergo microblading. Kateřina M.

    DHI Hair transplantation
    DHI Hair transplantation MUDr. Andrea Mačejová
  • Everyone in the clinic is very nice and also professionals. Julia P.

    ABClinic Art & Beauty
    ABClinic Art & Beauty Clinic

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