Přímá implantace vlasů

Direct hair implantation DHI

DHI Hair transplantation

Direct Hair Implantation is the best hair transplant technique in the world. It is based on a triple synergy: technology, teamwork, and technique. This method is offered only by DHI Global Medical Group.

We fully guarantee a natural result that lasts a lifetime.

ABClinic Art & Beauty is an exclusive partner of DHI Global Medical Group company offering the DHI method for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Foreign and Czech companies offer information presenting the DHI method. However, they are not licensed to provide this procedure.

What is DHI

Transplantace vlasů DHI

DHI Global Medical Group has designed and developed the most advanced extraction and implantation tools with a diameter of 1mm or less for 100% natural results and faster healing.

They were among the first ones to leave the drastic method of FUT Strip at the turn of the century, and have developed the FUE transplantation method. In 2010, their research and progress accelerated along with introducing the Direct Hair Implantation. This technology turns the desires and expectations of patients into reality.

Procedures at our clinic are performed only by certified physicians and personnel.

What can you gain from this procedure

  • Safe procedure
  • Efficiency
  • Natural appearance
  • The most advanced technologies
  • Supervision and guarantee of quality
  • Painless procedure
  • Zero disruption of everyday life
  • Proper diagnosis
  • Restoration and prevention
  • Based on world-best research
  • Hair for the rest of your life

Why DHI at ABClinic

DHI Global Medical Group has always been a leader in this field
Their vision has remained unchanged for decades. They want to change the world of hair restoration by introducing new technologies, innovative methods, and products that contribute to the health and good state of their patients with hair loss, and determining the safety and educational standards of their physicians.

They have developed the FUE transplantation method
They were among the first ones to leave the drastic method of FUT Strip at the turn of the century, and have developed the FUE transplantation method. In the following years, their research and progress accelerated along with introducing the Direct Hair Implantation.

Direct Hair Implantation method – the least invasive hair therapy
Direct Hair Implantation is the best hair implantation method known in the world. It is based on a triple synergy: technology, teamwork, and technique. It is offered only by DHI Global Medical Group.

The most advanced technologies
DHI Global Medical Group has designed and developed the most advanced extraction and implantation tools with a diameter of 1mm or less for 100% natural results and faster healing.

The largest and most experienced team of physicians and medical professionals
Only medical staff who have been specifically trained and certified in this area of expertise by LHRTA and renowned universities in Europe perform the procedures.

They founded LHRTA in 2009 – London Hair Restoration Training Academy
Since then, they have trained and certified more than 250 doctors and nurses. LHRTA actively cooperates with faculties at renowned European universities.

Quality controls strictly govern their functioning
DHI Global Medical Group initiated the industry’s standard operating procedures and protocols, applied in all processes to ensure safety and guaranteed results. They are ISO certified and registered in The UK CQC (Care Quality Commission).

They are committed to research programs that are the foundation of innovation
In recent years, these programs have led to a broadening of our range of services, particularly in the areas of hair loss prevention and hair loss diagnosis. It is now clear that effective in-depth diagnosis can help provide hair loss prevention advice. It has also helped to create a number of prevention therapies and products.

The programs have been undertaken in collaboration with faculties of related fields at renowned universities in Europe.

10 frequently asked questions

Is it safe? Yes!
Only DHI guarantees:

  • Physicians perform all procedures
  • All doctors are specifically trained and certified at the London Academy of Hair Restoration.
  • The patented implantation needles are used once for each procedure and then destroyed.


Is it permanent? Yes!
Only DHI guarantees:

  • Maximum availability
  • Effectivity: The survival rate of grafts implanted using the DHI method is above 90%, while the industry average is 50%.
  • DHI is, therefore, by far more effective than any other method.
  • The implanted hair continues to grow throughout your lifetime; it is yours forever.
  • Complete results take 12 months, but growth becomes visible during the first two months.


Is the outcome natural? Yes!
Only DHI guarantees:

  • Complete control of the depth and angle of every implant, achieving a compelling look.
  • Distribution and density of placement are designed to maximize a natural impression.


Is DHI technology the best available? Yes!
DHI is the most advanced transplant technique worldwide.

  • DHI has developed the Direct Hair Implantation, and it is offered exclusively by DHI. We transfer hair from ‘donor’ areas, usually at the back of the head, to ‘recipient’ areas of loss.
  • Follicles are removed and implanted using our patented technology.
  • FUE and FUT methods require incisions. They have been long since outdated by the less invasive and more effective DHI technique.
  • The technology is still improved to stay one step ahead of the competition. A new machine can extract more hair per session, and its procedures heal faster.


Are the procedures regulated, and is quality guaranteed? Yes!
DHI actively oversees the performance of procedures to guarantee the highest quality.

  • All the clinics that perform the DHI procedure have to abide by Standard Operating Procedures. It is the only method subordinated to such supervision.
  • Every physician performing the DHI method must be educated and certified at The London Academy of Hair Restoration.
  • An elite clinic in Athens complies with all protocols established in association with the International Organization for Standardization.


Is the procedure painful? No!

  • The procedure is minimally invasive, using tiny disposable needles with a diameter of 1mm or less.
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Fully conscious, the patient can listen to music, watch television, or simply take a nap.


Does the procedure pose a large disruption to everyday life? No!

  • In many cases, patients can return to work the next day.
  • A full head shave is often not necessary.
  • The procedure does not require long-term medication.


Are there proper diagnostics? Yes!
DHI has created a unique diagnostic system:

  • Successful treatment is based on proper diagnosis. DHI has created the Diagnostic System for Alopecia (balding).
  • A dermatological assessment identifies the alopecia type and any prevailing conditions taken into account during the treatment.
  • An alopecia test assesses the magnitude of the problem and the amount of hair suitable for restoration.
  • DNA analysis indicates the prognosis.
  • Stress analysis determines the suitable therapy.


Does DHI also help with prevention? Yes!
While DHI can correct hair loss using restoration procedure, it can also help with prevention:

  • We can stimulate and regenerate your hair with Platelet Rich Plasma treatment (PRP). A highly regenerative plasma is extracted from a small sample of your blood and injected to strengthen follicles and stimulate your scalp.
  • We have developed the most comprehensive range of daily care products ranging from shampoo and conditioner to anti-oxidant lotion to strengthen hair and stimulate growth.


Is the DHI technology based on worldwide scientific research? Yes!
Only DHI cooperates with the academic field.

  • The highest possible standards in safety, education, and regulation are fundamental to their approach.
  • All three are determined by working closely with world-renowned scientists at world-class universities.
  • Professors of dermatology, biology, and psychology at campuses from Athens to Miami are on the DHI team to refine their service.
  • This knowledge differentiates DHI from its competitors in the fields of restoration, diagnosis, and prevention.
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Words of our clients
  • I’m 36 years old, and I was suffering from hair loss in the area of hairline corners since I was 20. Even though I had been successful in hiding bare corners using the right haircut and longer hair, it wasn’t sustainable anymore. I was most interested in the DHI method brought into ABClinic in Prague at the beginning of 2021. I decided not to risk anything by traveling abroad as the outcome of this procedure is dependable on the first days after surgery, and I didn’t feel like traveling after the procedure. I mostly appreciate the range and quality of information given before the procedure and during the following months. I underwent the procedure in April 2021, abode by doctor Mačejová’s advice, and kept the recommended regime for the first days. The first outcome was visible soon, but then came the expected loss of the new hair. This period lasted until the fourth month. A big change occurred between the fourth and fifth months. My hair started to grow in the corners again, and each new day brought new and new joy. After nine months, I can say that the outcome has exceeded my expectations; and I can look forward to improving until one year after the procedure! The density is now that of normal hair, the hairline is natural, and no signs of the procedure can be seen. I’m now free to choose whatever haircut I want, which is an incredible feeling. Michal J.

    DHI Hair transplantation MUDr. Andrea Mačejová
  • I underwent eyebrow transplantation using the DHI Global Medical Group method on Wednesday, September 29. It was painless, well anesthetized, and all was done in a short time. Only a small stripe of hair on my head was shaved so it didn’t hurt at all the first night, and hair loss has been minimal. Transplanted hairs are precisely in places agreed on with the doctor, and the shape of the eyebrows is perfect! Everything is healed after three days, and new eyebrows grow a bit. No swelling, no bruises, so it is possible to do normal activities the next day. It is even possible to wash the hair in the morning. I’m very satisfied and I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to solve slowly growing eyebrows, who doesn’t want to complete their eyebrows with make-up or undergo microblading. Kateřina M.

    DHI Hair transplantation
    DHI Hair transplantation MUDr. Andrea Mačejová
  • Everyone in the clinic is very nice and also professionals. Julia P.

    ABClinic Art & Beauty
    ABClinic Art & Beauty Clinic

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