“I enjoy patient work”
Interview with a plastic surgeon MUDr. Matěj Patzelt, Ph.D.

What influenced your way toward plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and reconstructive plastic surgery?

I decided to study medicine in 8th grade at grammar school while we were studying the human body. I got to plastic surgery during my studies at medical school. I have always found interest in repairing things as I enjoy delicate and patient work seen within plastic surgery. It is the only medical field where we truly create something new and reconstruct, mostly literally out of nothing.

Several experienced surgeons have influenced me within plastic surgery; professor Sukop, professor Dušková who taught me how to reconstruct the face, and Mrs Zárubová, who taught me breast reconstruction. Within aesthetic surgery, which belongs to plastic surgery, I have been taught the most by dr. Zárubová and dr. Payer.

You apply your experience during many plastic surgery procedures, including the most popular: augmentation. However, breast surgery has many faces. What is the difference between classic augmentation using implants and augmentation combined with shaping?

Breast augmentation is simple enlargement usually using implants. It is suitable for women with firm breasts who do not need to push the nipple and areola higher.

Augmentation combined with shaping includes two procedures in one. We enlarge the breasts, remove excess skin, and push the nipple and areola higher. Thus, we give the breast its shape and firmness. It is suitable for women with sagging and often empty breasts where the nipple appears to be below the line of the under-breast groove.

Who is a suitable patient for breast shaping, and when is the time for shaping without implants?

Breast shaping is a procedure of removing excess skin from sagging breasts and pushing the nipple and areola higher. It is suitable for women who have lost significant volume due to breastfeeding or weight loss, where only sagging skin has remained. We remove it during the procedure and give the breasts their shape and firmness. If the woman is not content with the size of her breasts, the shaping can be supplemented with breast enlargement using either an implant or the patient’s own fat. It is essential to discuss all the possibilities with the treating physician and suggest an optimal solution!

What if women are troubled by their belly, as well as their breasts after childbirth? When is the right time?

It is ample to come to a consultation approximately 6 months after finishing breastfeeding if you have maintained stable weight you are satisfied with during this period. This is the time to plan surgery – the Mommy Makeover, which is a procedure combining breast shaping and abdominoplasty. It may be supplemented with breast augmentation and liposuction. All these procedures might be performed at once in indicated cases.

It is essential that every woman feels comfortable in her own body. Plastic surgery offers these possibilities, and it is up to the surgeon to satisfy their client and offer a suitable solution as well.

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