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Buttocks augmentation

Some see the breasts as the ultimate symbol of femininity, while others cannot imagine the perfect woman without beautifully shaped buttocks.


Procedure to achieve moderate enlargement of the buttocks with a slight lifting effect
Ideal in combination with a buttocks lift or lipotransfer
We only use MENTOR implants

Until a few years ago, operations on the buttocks were performed mainly in Latin America, but now they are becoming more and more popular all over the world. They are not as common here as breast augmentation, although they have been growing in popularity in Europe as well.

The size of the buttocks is not the same as the shape. Sagging or lack of volume in the buttocks can cause the same feelings of dissatisfaction in clients (both male and female) as sagging or lack of volume in the breasts. If you have sufficient volume, but it has begun sagging over time, we can LIFT it back into place – either a conventional buttocks lift with a horizontal scar or an effective non-invasive alternative called a Silhouette Lift. If you have too little volume or a combination of too little volume and sagging, we will need to add volume. This can be done with silicone implants or fat transfer (if you have sufficient fat elsewhere on your body), which is called Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL.


Buttocks augmentation (enhancement using silicone implants) is a procedure to achieve moderate enlargement of the buttocks with a slight lifting effect In order to achieve optimal size and shape for the whole body, we often perform a composite operation with an implant and fat grafting (lipofilling). Scheduling a consultation before the operation will give the surgeon the chance to suggest the optimal implant size and recommend liposuction in the waist and hips, if appropriate, to achieve an ideal silhouette for your body. The surgeon may also suggest using the suctioned fat to improve the final contours. Buttocks augmentation does not replace buttocks lift (gluteoplasty). If gluteoplasty is indicated, the two procedures must be performed separately. Unlike breast augmentation and lift, they cannot be combined into the same operation. All implants used in the EU are subject to the strict control and approval process of the relevant regulatory authority. At our clinic we perform buttocks augmentation using MENTOR implants only.


- proportional and full buttocks

- beautifully shaped, firm buttocks

- a great figure


At ABClinic Art & Beauty you will find highly trained, multilingual staff. Our clinic meets all European standards in every aspect of care. 

Like with every aesthetic operation, buttocks augmentation and BBL absolutely require a personal consultation beforehand. At the initial consultation, which can take place on the basis of photographs or online, the doctor will discuss the patient’s physical condition and wishes and as well as the optimal approach to achieve the desired look. Before the operation at the clinic in Prague, your operating surgeon will do a thorough pre-operative anatomical examination of the region and your body type as a whole, explaining the placement of the implant, which is quite different from breast augmentation, and reassess the chosen operating technique. The surgeon will also need to consider supplementary liposuction of adjacent problem areas (waist, hips, thighs) as well as using your fat during the operation. The goal is to make sure your new derriere is firm and beautifully shaped, not only larger.

When deciding on the size of the implant, you need to consider not only volume but also other characteristics of the implant such as concavity. Buttocks augmentation uses only implants filled with high-density silicone gel to perfectly replicate muscle.

Based on the nature and strength of your muscle, the implant is placed either inside the muscle or under it.

To insert the implant, usually the surgeon will make a single incision in the crease between the buttocks so that the scar will not be visible. Another option is to make two short incisions next to each other, each about 1 cm from said crease. No other scars are necessary!

To make the most of your new bottom, you will want the rest of your figure to be perfect as well. We recommend having a professional consultation before the operation with our physiotherapists and following their advice to improve your figure with devices such as the unique HUBER.

A beautiful bottom also calls for beautiful skin on the thighs, waist and belly, and so our plastic surgeon can also offer you pre-operative treatments for the skin or subcutaneous tissue to make sure the operation has optimal and long-lasting results. For more information on potential procedures, please see the sections on BEAUTY and therapeutic devices on our website.

As buttocks augmentation is performed under general anesthesia, you will need to have a pre-operation examination at our clinic or with your GP.


The operation takes one to two hours depending on the scope and whether it is being performed in conjunction with liposuction and lipofilling. Your surgeon will make an incision between the buttocks, access the gluteal muscle, and create a pocket for the implant. After carefully controlling the bleeding and putting drains in place, the surgeon uses the sizer to check the chosen shape and size of the implants one last time, inserts the implants. After placing the implants, the surgeon closes the incision with stitches. Combined procedures begin with liposuction, then continue with augmentation and wrap up with lipofilling to complete the silhouette. The area is covered with a sterile dressing and compression bandage.


This operation requires a brief in-patient stay at our clinic. Afterwards you will need to avoid physical activity for 10-14 days, during which time you will be unable to sit, so make sure to arrange for time off work. For optimal results you should wear the special post-operation garment for five to six weeks.

We consider the best post-surgical compression garments to be those by the France-based MEDICAL-Z, available for purchase at our clinic or e-shop. 

The length of time to wear the compression garment depends on the scope and type of procedure as well as the quality of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This procedure usually requires four to eight weeks in the compression garment.

If your operation included liposuction, we recommend beginning post-surgical lymphatic drainage and regular massage as soon as the healing process for the implant allows. In addition to daily home care, we also recommend twice weekly therapy using our LPG device for as long as you wear the compression garment.

Depending on the implant placement, you can resume exercising and sports gradually starting four weeks after surgery.


The final price of the operation will be set after a personal consultation with a doctor at our clinic. The prices given in our price list are for the purposes of orientation only.


Every medical procedure involves a certain amount of risk. While your surgeon and our clinic’s surgical team will do everything in their power to ensure no complications arise, certain adverse effects cannot be ruled out entirely. Swelling and bruising is temporary and quite normal in the first few days after the procedure.

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