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Breast reduction

Breast reduction can offer relief from health problems as well as beautiful, natural breasts.
Excessively large breasts (gigantomastia) cause women a number of health problems. Most often these involve back problems, headaches and skin infections. Overly large breasts can also cause problems in social or intimate situations. Plastic surgeons perform breast reduction to relieve these issues as well as to correct asymmetry.


Breast reduction offers relief in both social and intimate situations
Breast reduction can resolve asymmetry in the breasts
We operate as carefully as possible to maximize clients’ ability to breastfeed


Breast reduction is appropriate for anyone whose large breasts are causing physical or mental health problems. Usually these include headaches, back pain, poor posture, rashes and yeast infections under the breasts. Breast reduction is also a suitable solution for breast asymmetry where the preferred solution is to reduce the larger breast and reshape the other breast to match. Candidates for this procedure must be in good health. The decision to perform breast reduction must also take into consideration the fact that despite the great care taken in operating, sometimes the operation affects the ability to breastfeed. This operation is not performed for survivors of breast cancer or other serious illnesses. It is also not recommended for clients who have experienced keloids when scars are healing.


ABClinic Art & Beauty provides breast reduction services to clients from outside the Czech Republic as well. Our clinic staff speaks several languages. The first consultation can be held over the phone or online. The doctor will review photographs or video call to assess the problems your overly large breasts are causing, discuss your wishes as to future breast size, and outline your options. Then you will receive a price offer and if you decide to have the operation, you can schedule an operation date. You will have an in-person consultation with the plastic surgeon in Prague on the day before the operation. At this consultation, the doctor will once again assess the indications and options available, and may also take photographs for the purposes of comparison. You will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for the operation, how the operation will be performed, and the recovery period. You will need to have a mammography exam and internal pre-operation examination, which usually involves blood and urine tests, EKG and any other examinations recommended by internal medicine specialists. You can bring in the results of these examinations performed elsewhere or you can choose to have them here at our clinic. You should be completely healthy in the three weeks before the operation with no contagious illnesses and inform the surgeon of any illness, even a simple virus. The surgeon must also be informed of medications, hormonal contraception and food supplements you take as well as any illnesses you may have. You should make plans before the operation for your recovery period, when you will be unable to exert the pectoral muscles for several weeks, meaning no lifting heavy objects or even young children. For this reason you should make arrangements for household help, if necessary, during the recovery period.


This operation is performed under general anesthesia. Several operating techniques exist. Usually the surgeon makes the incision around the areola, down toward the crease under the breast, and horizontally in the crease. Then the surgeon reduces the size of the mammary gland and moves the nipple to the correct position, pointing upwards for an aesthetically pleasing effect. The scar usually looks like an anchor, but the surgeon closes the incisions with very fine sutures to minimize the appearance of scars. The operation usually takes two to three hours. If breast reduction is being performed to correct asymmetry, one breast is reduced and the other is reshaped to match.


Drains are placed in the breast area immediately after the operation in order to remove excess fluid from the wound. The breasts are bandaged and covered in a sterile dressing. The doctor usually removes the drainage tubes the second day after the operation, at which point you can be released to home care. Breast reduction is not usually an extremely painful operation, but the doctor can recommend pain relief as needed. You should follow the instructions from the clinic carefully once at home. This mainly involves disinfecting and properly cleaning the breasts. We usually use absorbable sutures, so you will not need to have the sutures removed. You will need to wear a compression bra to keep your breasts in the correct position for four weeks. You should perform pressure massage on the scars starting on about the 18th day after the procedure. You will receive instructions on how to perform this massage at the clinic. You can also use silicone strips and emollient gels to encourage your scars to fade and soften more quickly.


We recommend avoiding physical activity for about a week. After that you can begin light activities such as office work, although you should not return to full exertion for at least four weeks. You will still need to take care to avoid exerting the pectoral muscles and follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. In the summer months you will need to protect the scars from the sun.


The final price of the operation will be set after a personal consultation with a doctor at our clinic. The prices given in our price list are for the purposes of orientation only.


Breast reduction is a surgical procedure, and as such involves certain risks like any other operation. This can include bleeding, infection or excessive scarring. Our doctors do everything in their power to prevent these risks from becoming reality. You can do your part to make the operation go smoothly by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good frame of mind. In some cases breast reduction disrupts the milk ducts and makes it difficult or impossible to breastfeed.
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