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Breast lift and augmentation

Many people imagine that implants alone will solve their problems with small breasts. Often, however, the breasts have also been affected by breastfeeding or poor skin elasticity and the implants on their own would not bring the desired effect. In that case we can combine breast augmentation with breast lift. This combination can also correct asymmetry, where the smaller breast is augmented using an implant and both breasts are lifted to achieve the optimal shape.


For larger, younger-looking breasts
May be suitable for correcting asymmetry in the breasts
Our experienced surgeons will advise you on choosing an implant size so your breasts look natural


This procedure is ideal for women suffering from small breasts that show signs of aging, pregnancy or breastfeeding. The mammary glands can sometimes atrophy, especially after breastfeeding, leading to smaller breasts as well as empty skin sacs in the breasts. Implants would make the breasts larger, but not improve their shape, so breast lift is performed at the same time. We recommend having the operation once you are finished with pregnancy and breastfeeding, as they can influence the shape of your breasts and you may not be able to breastfeed after the operation. Contraindications for this operation include serious illnesses (especially breast cancer), keloids and pregnancy. We recommend scheduling the operation at least six months after stopping breastfeeding, once the mammary glands are stable.


ABClinic Art & Beauty provides breast augmentation with lift to clients from outside the Czech Republic as well. Our clinic staff speak fluent German, English, Russian and French.
The first consultation can be held over the phone or online. The doctor will listen to your wishes, expectations and preferences as to future breast size, and then will propose a type and size for the implants as well as an insertion method (under the mammary gland, under the muscle or partially under the muscle). The next consultation is held with the plastic surgeon performing the operation, usually on the day before the operation at ABClinic Art & Beauty in Prague.
You will also need to have a mammography exam and pre-operation exam with an internal medicine specialist. You will have blood and urine tests, an EKG, and any other examinations the doctor recommends. We can perform these examinations at our clinic here in Prague if you like. The doctor must be informed of any medical conditions, medications, food supplements and hormonal contraception you take. You need to be healthy in the three weeks before the operation.


Breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. The incisions usually lead from the nipples to the crease under the breast, making the shape of an anchor. The surgeon first inserts the implant and then modifies any excess skin, moving the nipple if necessary to give the breast a youthful, natural look. In cases with asymmetry, the surgeon puts the implant into one breast, reshaping and lifting the breasts to match. Finally, the surgeon closes the incisions with fine sutures for minimal scarring.


The area will be painful immediately after the operation, but the pain can be easily managed with medication prescribed by the doctor. The breasts are covered with a sterile dressing and drains are in place to remove excess fluid. These are usually removed after two days. You will need to get up and out of bed soon after the operation in order to prevent thrombosis. Typically patients need to stay in the clinic one to two days, after which they can be released to home care. We usually use self-absorbing stitches, so you will not need to come in and have them removed. You will receive instructions at the clinic on aftercare as well as a compression bra you will need to wear for four to eight weeks as recommended by your surgeon. After about three weeks we recommend starting to do pressure massages on the scars to soften them and encourage them to mature and fade. We will show you how to do the massage at the clinic.


We recommend staying mostly on bed rest for the first week after the operation, after which you can resume light office work. It is very important to avoid straining the pectoral muscles, which includes picking up young children. You will be able to return to ordinary activities after about six weeks. You should protect the scar from direct sunlight for several months. Full engagement of the pectoral muscles is possible after three to six months. You can resume sexual intimacy after about six weeks, but we recommend warning your partner that the operation site is still sensitive.


The final price of the operation will be set after a personal consultation with a doctor at our clinic. For breast lift with augmentation, the price depends on the implant chosen as well as the compression bra, anesthesia, hospitalization time, etc. The prices given in our price list are for the purposes of orientation only.


Although surgeons always do their best to minimize the risk of complications, some risk still exists. Possible complications include bleeding or infection in the wound. Some clients experience difficulties with the implants, such as capsular contracture. Strictly abiding by the doctor’s recommendations plays an important role in preventing these complications from arising. If you experience any difficulties, it is important to contact the clinic in order to prevent or treat any complications without lasting consequences.


Augmented, lifted breasts have volume and look very good. They are not immune to gravity and the passage of time, however, so they may begin to sag over time. This can be addressed with a breast lift if desired.
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