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Body lift

Body lift is the name for what is essentially two operations – abdominoplasty and gluteoplasty – performed at the same time or frequently in two separate phases.


Combination of abdominoplasty and gluteoplasty
Solution for sagging skin after major weight loss
Suitable for both men and women

Major weight loss can leave excess, sagging skin on your stomach, which then lacks the elasticity to shrink, as well as excess skin in the lower back, buttocks and often the thighs as well. This sagging skin is often not just an aesthetic problem, but can also have a negative impact on physical health (skin problems) as well as on mental health.


As the name implies, this is an operation that can remove excess skin from the whole body, primarily on the belly, back and buttocks. We see large amounts of excess skin due to major weight loss in men and women equally.

The first phase involves performing abdominoplasty (surgery on the abdominal wall) in order to correct diastasis recti (close the gap in the muscles), correct the hernia (hernioplasty), if present, remove excess skin and also perform liposuction to eliminate excess fat from the belly and waist.

The second phase (usually after a wait of at least three months) involves gluteoplasty (butt lift) to remove excess skin in the lower back and buttocks. The scar above the buttocks is essentially a continuation of the abdominoplasty scar, resulting in a single circular scar.


If you are traveling to ABClinic Art & Beauty for a body lift from another country, the first consultation can take place using photographs or online. You need a personal consultation before every aesthetic operation. The surgeon will let you know whether a body lift is an appropriate solution to your aesthetic problem.

As body lift is performed in two phases, each time under general anesthesia, you will need to have a pre-operation examination at our clinic or with your GP before both operations.


Body lift is performed at our clinic in two separate operations at least three months apart. The first step is abdominoplasty. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and may take between one and three hours depending on the scope and type of the procedure. If abdominoplasty is performed as part of a combined procedure, then the surgeon first suctions the appropriate amount of fat tissue and then begins the actual abdominoplasty, first correcting diastasis recti or hernia, if present, and then removing excess skin. Finally the surgeon closes the incision and puts a compression garment on the area.

The second step is gluteoplasty. This operation is also performed under general anesthesia and takes between one and three hours depending on the scope and type of the procedure. For a combined procedure, first the surgeon suctions the appropriate amount of fat tissue and then performs the lift. The surgeon may remove excess skin from the lower back only and lift the skin on the buttocks or may make an incision in the crease of the buttocks and remove sagging skin in the lower fourth of the buttocks, or may opt for a combination of the two. Finally, the surgeon closes the incisions, applies a sterile dressing and puts a compression garment on the area.


Each of the two body lift operations requires a brief in-patient stay at our clinic. Afterwards you will need to be mostly on bed rest for 10 to 14 days, so make sure to arrange for time off work both times. You will need to wear the post-surgical compression garment to minimize bruising and swelling for six to eight weeks. We consider the best post-surgical compression garments to be those by the France-based MEDICAL-Z, available for purchase at our clinic or e-shop.

We usually recommend beginning post-surgical lymphatic drainage and regular massage two weeks after each surgery. In addition to daily home care, we also recommend twice weekly therapy using our LPG device for as long as you wear the compression garment. The length of time to wear the compression garment depends on the scope and type of procedure as well as the quality of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. A major procedure such as each phase of a body lift usually requires six to eight weeks in the compression garment. You can resume exercising and sports gradually starting four weeks after surgery, but full exertion must wait until six weeks after the second operation.


The final price of the operation will be set after a personal consultation with a doctor at our clinic. The prices given in our price list are for the purposes of orientation only.

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