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Augmentation with a combination of fat transfer and implants

Combined silicone breast implants and fat transfer can lead to the most natural-looking breast augmentation.
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Operation similar in intensity to implants alone
No risk of tissue rejection
Allows greater augmentation of the breasts with natural-looking results
Breast augmentation combining implants and fat transfer is a revolutionary method that allows us to use larger implants without having the results look unnatural. It primarily solves the problem of décolletage where the edge of the implant would otherwise be visible. This method also makes it possible to use larger implants for women who would have to have the implant placed under the muscle, which is more painful but allows more movement in the breast and muscle. Since biocompatibility is not an issue when using your own fat tissue, there is no need to worry about rejection.


This method is suitable for women with a risk of the breast implant looking unnatural. This mainly applies to women who want larger breasts but have thin skin and the edges of the implant would be noticeable to the eye and touch. Since the fat transfer only requires a small amount of fat, it is an option even for slim women. Contraindications include serious diseases, especially breast cancer survivors. Another important factor is that some women experience difficulty breastfeeding after this procedure.


The consultation is an important step in preparing for the operation. If you decide to travel to Prague from outside the country for breast augmentation with fat transfer and implants, we can hold the first consultation online. The doctor will assess your situation based on photographs or a video conference and discuss your wishes and available options. You will also receive a price estimate for the operation based on this online consultation. At the follow-up consultation at the clinic in Prague, the doctor will take precise measurements for the implant, as the selection of the right implants is highly individual. Next you will discuss where to take the fat for the transfer from; most often this is the belly or outer thighs. Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, you will need to have a pre-operation internal examination, which includes an EKG, blood work and urine test. You will also need a mammogram. The doctor must be informed of any medical conditions that may be present and medications taken, including hormonal contraception or food supplements. You should be completely healthy for three weeks before the operation with no contagious illnesses. Make sure to inform the doctor of any illness, even a simple virus. We recommend that you stop smoking, as it can impede healing after the surgery.


First the doctor suctions the fat tissue from the agreed area. The fat is processed in a special device on-site, cleaned and prepared for transfer. In the meantime the doctor performs the augmentation and inserts the implants. Then the doctor applies the fat around the implant using blunt tip cannulas, surrounding the implant to make the results look as natural as possible. We use blunt tip cannulas to avoid the risk of piercing the implant when transferring the fat. The breasts are then covered in a sterile dressing and bandaged firmly.


The post-operation procedure is comparable to breast implants alone. The breasts are firmly bandaged and drains are in place to remove excess fluid. Pain management will be provided based on the doctor’s recommendation. The breasts will be swollen and possibly bruised. Drains are usually removed the second day after the operation and you may be released to home care. Sutures are usually self-absorbing, so you will not need to come in to have them removed. We recommend staying mostly on bed rest for the first week after the operation, and then you can resume light office work the next week. You can resume ordinary physical activities after four to six weeks, but you still need to take care not to strain the pectoral muscles. Many women are surprised to learn that this includes picking up young children. You will need to protect the scars from sunlight using high SPF cream. You will also need to wear a compression bra exactly as recommended by the doctor, as failure to do so can have a negative impact on the final results.


Breast augmentation with implants and fat transfer offers permanent results. You may find that the volume of fat declines somewhat, although more fat can be added to compensate; this is usually done no sooner than three months after the last treatment. Your breasts will appear firm and youthful after the procedure, but they are still subject to the effects of age and gravity. Over time they may begin to sag, which can be corrected with a breast lift procedure if desired.


The final price of the operation will be set after a personal consultation with a doctor at our clinic. The prices given in our price list are for the purposes of orientation only.
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