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The popularity of intimate plastic surgery has been growing over the past years. All age groups desire a perfect look in areas that are not usually seen. The main reasons are anomalies, changes after childbirth, and changes connected to aging.

Intimate plastic surgery is an effective solution for many health and aesthetic issues. Aesthetic medicine is able to deal with a number of them. It helps women who are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their labia, to remove the signs of aging in the intimate area, and offers men to solve their problems with thin foreskin or penis size.

For women

Hymen reconstruction (Hymenoplasty)

We recommend hymenoplasty to mature women who see the damage of the hymen as a handicap making their personal or social life difficult.

Plastic surgery of labia (Labiaplasty)

An aesthetic surgical procedure that aims to reduce or correct the asymmetry of small or large labia majora.

Vaginal rejuvenation

Brings increased confidence to women after childbirth, menopause, or hysterectomy, eases problems with incontinence, and increases the quality of intercourse.


A surgical procedure to return the shape of the vagina to its former state, and to remove discomfort caused by age or childbirth.

For men


The reasons for circumcision might be hygienic, functional, religious, or aesthetic.


Frenuloplasty (plastic surgery of frenulum breve) is often performed after its shortening, which causes difficulties, particularly during erection.

Penis enlargement

Our team offers a discreet and gentle approach while solving the intimate issues of a man.

Penis enlargement using fillers

A very popular mini-invasive method for penis enlargement is an alternative to surgery.

Plastic surgery of scrotal skin (Scrotal lift / Scrotoplasty)

Plastic surgery aims to reduce sagging and excess scrotal skin.

Spermatocele removal

Our plastic surgeons are experienced in treating problems in intimate areas.

Surgical solution for scrotal enlargement (Hydrocele)

Our plastic surgeons are experienced in treating problems in intimate areas.

Testicular prosthesis implantation

Our plastic surgeons are experienced in treating problems in intimate areas.

Words of our clients
  • What an extraordinary physician! I encountered her by chance; fortunately. Dr. Krajcová is not only very empathetic but also a very nice and warm person. I felt great during a personal consultation already, and this feeling has remained. The procedure went well, and I can only recommend Dr. Krajcová! Vanesa P.

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