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Facial plastic surgery is performed to adjust facial contours in the head and neck area; primarily the nose, ears, chin, cheekbones, and décolletage. Clients who seek facial surgical procedures might be motivated by their desire to reconstruct their face after an injury, illness, or to reverse the signs of aging, remove irregular contours, or establish facial symmetry.

Among the most popular procedures belong facelift, surgery or lower or upper eyelids, minifacelift combined with a neck lift, brow-lift, rhinoplasty, and others. Some methods may be combined with injectable fillers or liposuction. The main aim of facial aesthetic plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of the face with maximal natural effect.

For women and men

Blepharoplasty – lower eyelid plastic surgery

This plastic surgery aims to remove excess skin and fat deposits.

Blepharoplasty – upper eyelid plastic surgery

This plastic surgery aims to remove excess skin and fat deposits that cause an elderly and tired appearance.


Do you wish for dimples to make your smile more beautiful? Owing to surgical shaping, you can have them now, too.

Face and neck lift (Facelift)

Long-lasting treatment for noticeable wrinkles and sagging facial contours.

Lip lift (Lip augmentation)

Do you wish for beautifully arched and full lips? Then the mini-invasive procedure liplift, which painlessly improves the shape of the lips, is suitable for you.

Nasal septum surgery (Septoplasty)

Surgical procedure that aims to correct a deviated septum so the air can pass easily.

Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty can partially or completely change the shape, size, and asymmetry of the nose.

Plastic surgery of ears (Otoplasty)

Aesthetic surgeries aiming to provide a natural appearance of the ears, particularly to correct their unnatural inclination.

Removal of buccal fat pads (Bichectomy)

If you are troubled by full cheeks, the removal of fat deposits can help you.

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Thread facelift (Aptos)

A thread lift, a non-surgical facelift, has become preferred due to its efficiency and minimal invasiveness. Aptos Thread Lift offers rejuvenation at almost every age.

Thread lift

Thread lift stretches the facial contours, smooths out wrinkles, and strengthens the skin.

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  • What an extraordinary physician! I encountered her by chance; fortunately. Dr. Krajcová is not only very empathetic but also a very nice and warm person. I felt great during a personal consultation already, and this feeling has remained. The procedure went well, and I can only recommend Dr. Krajcová! Vanesa P.

    Plastic surgery
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