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Every skin is different and needs to be treated accordingly. Owing to the most modern diagnostic device, we are able to learn precisely about your skin’s needs. Based on this knowledge, we create an effective combination of treatment, procedures, or products that produce real results.

Dermoscopy examinations using the most modern digital full-body videodermatoscope IrSkin allow early diagnostics of questionable birthmarks. We also offer a thorough trichological examination, which is an analysis of hair and scalp.

The Soft Plus diagnostic system assesses hydration, pH, elasticity, or melanin level in your skin. The MoreMe scanner shows the real depth of your wrinkles, the (un)even deposits of melanin, or the placement of deep inflammatory deposits sometimes not visible to the naked eye.

Skin lotion by UNIVERSKIN created precisely for your skin offers individual care you may appreciate for treatment at home. Treat yourself with high-quality dermatological care and make an appointment to prevent aging, skin dehydration, or to get rid of unsightly pigmentations or protuberances.



For successful treatment of acne, it is always apt to consult a physician who chooses a combination of suitable procedures according to the given problem.

Acne scars removal (Subcision)

Surgical method to treat and remove acne scars, particularly deep and sunken scars.


Minimally invasive method for clients who wish to rejuvenate their facial skin, particularly in the area of the eyelids, forehead, corners of the mouth, neck, décolletage, and back of the hands.

Eliminate excessive sweating

This procedure regulates sweating in a particular area without the risk of overheating the body.

Hair injection regeneration (PRP)

Therapy has been designated to regenerate and strengthen hair roots. This therapy is recommended for damaged hair, alopecia, and as a prevention of hair loss.


We combine a range of methods to fundamentally lighten hyperpigmentations.

Infusion therapy with vitamin C

Vitamin C is considerably used during any physical or mental strain, stress, disease, or chronic inflammations. The levels of vitamin C can be effectively increased using infusion/intravenous administration.

Injectable Fillers

Injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers offer immediate smoothing and filling of wrinkles, tightening, and shaping of the face and lips

Intense Pulsed Light treatment (IPL)

IPL therapy is a non-invasive treatment for a number of skin conditions.

Intralesional corticosteroid injection

Treatment for keloids, cystic acne, or scars using intralesional corticosteroid injection.

Lip enlargement

Injectable lip fillers infill and highlight lip contours along with a natural effect


During this effective method of rejuvenation, special solutions containing high amounts of vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, and hyaluronic acid are applied under the skin.


This procedure aims to rejuvenate the skin, smooth out fine wrinkles, lighten pigment spots, and treat scars.


Maximally enhanced quality of your skin owing to a synergic effect of hyaluronic and succinic acids

Removing skin growths

We are the only company in the Czech Republic using a CO2 laser Edge ONE to remove skin protuberances – moles, warts, fibromas, and papillomas.


We possess state-of-the-art devices for scar removal.

Stop excessive sweating

Get rid of excessive sweating and odor quickly and safely. Special 10% discount is valid until 30th June 2022.

Tatoo removal

Get rid of an undesirable tattoo quickly and effectively.

Treatment of eyelids and dark circles / bags under the eyes (Blepharoplasma)

A comprehensive (non-invasive) care for the eyelids and the area around the eyes for a fresh and young appearance.

Wrinkles removal

We use a combination of various techniques for effective and natural smoothing of wrinkles.

Wrinkles removal using botulinum toxin

Fast and safe smoothing of wrinkles on the face, and an effective solution to excessive sweating

We also offer these procedures

  • Ultracel Q+ HIFU
  • Dry, sensitive, or oily skin
  • Atopic skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis
  • Skin aging
  • Celullitis
  • Lipedema
  • Stretchmarks
  • Vasculitides
  • Hair thinning and hair loss
  • Greasy hair
  • Dandruff, scaly skin
  • Dry and dehydrated skin and hair


Skin diagnostics and complete skin analysis

We possess modern diagnostic and medical devices. In the Czech Republic, these devices are used only at our clinic.

Words of our clients
  • I didn't like my upper lip, it was narrow. I always wanted fuller lips, but I didn't like injected duck lips. I had my lips injected twice in a short time, the size is now exactly what I imagined. Absolute satisfaction! Thank you. Karolina V.

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